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JBC Steel fabricating specialties include, but are not limited to: stairway and handrail systems. We are also a national stocking distributor of GS Metals grating-walkway products, GS Metals Channel Framing and Kee Klamp pipe fittings.


Stairs and Rails

JBC Steel is a premier fabricator of custom metal stairway and handrail systems. We specialize in engineering, fabricating and installing our stairway and handrails systems to withstand structural loads without exceeding the maximum stress of each respective system component.

Types of Stairs and Handrails

> Straight
> Flared
> Spriral/ Curved
> Monumental/ Rolled

Industries Served

> Government
> Industrial
> Colleges/ Universities
> Clinics/ Hospitals
> Sports Complexes
> Special Projects


Safety Loaders

The Loading Tower consists of four components including the column, stairs, platform and gangway. It functions perfectly without electricity or hydraulics.


> Counter-balanced gangway
> Stairway available in any position
> Unique floor and stair design prevents moisture retention
> Meets current O.S.H.A. requirements
> Platform accommodates single or double drop gangways
> 11/2 inch square tube handrails
> GRIP STRUT® Safety Grating used on all walking surfaces
> Easy raising and lowering of gangway
> Ease of installation - connect in 45 minutes or less


Safety Grating

GRIP STRUT® Safety Grating has been designed to provide maximum safety underfoot, superior load-carrying capacity, lightweight, self-framing and one-piece plank-type grating panel. A single plate of steel forms both the non-slip open diamond matrix, serrated surface, and the load supporting continuous channel.

It is a must wherever people are working with slippery materials.


> High Strength
> Easily Installed
> Economical


Kee Klamp Fittings

The simple but effective engineering principle of the Kee® Klamp fitting is the foundation of the most versatile pipe connection system available. There are many variations of fitting to suit a wide range of applications, thus providing the versatility to achieve virtually any structural configuration.


> High corrosion resistance
> No welding or threading
> Quick installation
> Recessed screws
> Galvanized for long lasting protection



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